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training and facilitation

ACL Engineering provide structured facilitation to get the best from the diverse range of experts that are involved with oil and gas projects.

Our facilitation technique is ideal for team meetings, project management, strategic planning, and quality assurance initiatives. In addition, we provide specific, industry proven facilitation and knowledge sharing/transfer services.


The HAZID/HAZOP are powerful tools in determining potential hazards and operability issues within oil and gas industry projects that need to be addressed to protect corporate assets and those who work with them.

The HAZOP is a systematic analysis by discipline, equipment and operational experts that delivers a set of considerations to be applied to working procedures that can be used in all future planning, design and interoperability activities to mitigate against identified risks. Whereas the HAZOP process requires a high degree of system detail, the HAZID approach can be used where less detail is available to achieve a high-level risk register.

ACL Engineering consultants are skilled in facilitating these formal, objective processes to allow a project team to arrive efficiently at a systematic and well documented evaluation of potential problems/hazards, avoiding the unnecessary consumption of valuable resources that could otherwise be expended to achieve an effective study.

The VALID/VALEX allow organisations to identify opportunities for the realisation of enhanced value from all aspects of a project within the oil and gas industry.

The VALID is systematic analysis by discipline, equipment and operational experts that identifies opportunities in either of two project areas; events or arena. Events occur at key decision gates within a project’s lifecycle, whilst arena are disciplines or functions that occur throughout the entire lifecycle or have some crossover in terms of there scope of interaction with stages of a project. Once an opportunity has been identified, its criteria for measurement is determined. The VALEX determines the tools, processes or methods that can be established to best leverage value from each identified opportunity.

ACL Engineering principals have pioneered this facilitated, objective approach to assuring project value.

Drilling Well on Paper is a facilitated process that allows a project team to analyse each step of the well construction process to generate ideas for improving performance and reducing cost. By focusing resources on this process at an early planning stage, it is possible to identify opportunities where nonproductive time can be eliminated or health, safety and environmental risks reduced by examining the well construction process and sharing experiences in a zero-risk environment.

ACL Engineering can not only facilitate this process, they are able to contribute considerable expertise gained through actual project experiences.


ACL Engineering have experience in a number of challenging environments...

Challenging Conditions
Depleted Reservoir
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