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drilling programme management

ACL Engineering specialise in supporting the exploration and production drilling and well construction process in the oil & gas industry. Our depth of expertise and experience lies with technically complex, HPHT and new-technology based well programmes.

From initial well planning to close out, ACL Engineering integrates the assurance of equipment and services throughout the drilling process.

We have a strong and demonstrable track record in reducing non productive time and cost for all programmes, most especially where we are given full accountability for assurance activities throughout the supply chain.

Risk Identification and Mitigation
A key first step in effective Drilling Programme Management is the identification of commercial, technical and safety risks to the project. Effective mitigation of the risks leads to significantly reduced non-productive time and costs throughout a project's lifecycle.

ACL Engineering ensures that communication between operator engineers, design engineers and all other stakeholders lead to the specification, design and production of equipment that is suited to the well conditions in which it will be operated.

Procurement and Sourcing Strategies
Appropriately tailored engagement with suppliers of project-related products and services is critical to effective Supply Chain management and contributes greatly to the overall success of the Drilling Management Programme. ACL Engineering enable project teams to integrate with their supply partners by providing services in this area including supply planning, negotiating cost, outsourcing and establishing supply frameworks.

Procurement and Sourcing strategies involve developing rigorous Management System processes and collaborative approaches to products and services sourcing. Project teams leverage volume, strong collaborative supplier relationships and technology to reduce external spend and assure deliver to schedule. while improving quality and supplier performance. Activities in this arena include: Sourcing diagnostics; strategic sourcing; e-sourcing; supplier management; e-procurement; procurement process design; and, procurement organisational design.

Vendor Evaluation
In the field of complex well construction, selection of the best vendors with which to partner is key to the success of any project.

ACL Engineering is able to qualify both the technical ability and competency of all business and safety critical equipment and service suppliers within your supply chain. Drawing on numerous and geographically diverse project experiences, our engineers are able to bring insight to new or ongoing projects, identifying where product and service provision can be backed up by track record and where more rigorous research is required.

ACL Engineering can work with your project team on the following specific activities;

-   Production of vendor shortlists
-   Interpreting project requirements and communicating effectively what is required from a technical standpoint within RFI and tender documentation
-   Subsequent tender evaluation, technical vendor audits and recommendations

Application of New Technologies
The network of ACL Engineers collectively has a vast level of project experience meanining that they have been exposed to all technologies that have been used within complex well engineering situations. This qualifies them to provide advice to project teams and in the event of emergent technologies, they are uniquely placed to assess viability and applicability to their current project needs.

Drillbench Dynamic Simulation
Transient modeling for any well including standard overbalanced drilling, Managed pressure / dual gradient drilling Underbalanced operations. Specific focus on ECD management, Pressure build up, Gel breaking, Temperature variations, Thermal expansion an tool

Dynamic Well Control
Dynamic Well Control simulations including automatic kick tolerance, Horizontal influx, Gas migration in water based mud, Gas dissolution in oil based mud and Free gas breakout depth. Identification of operational limits by replicating complete drilling operations, understanding dynamic effects such as thermal expansion, use multiphase kick tolerance simulations to optimize your well design.


ACL Engineering have experience in a number of challenging environments...

Challenging Conditions
Depleted Reservoir
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