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advanced well engineering

Pushing the boundaries of exploration and production, particularly in deepwater environments and high pressure, high temperature conditions, has led to design challenges that go beyond traditional, standard API designs. Combining tight operating margins with tighter schedules and the ever present risks to safety and the environment, it is paramount to any project that equipment and well failures must be minimised.

ACL Engineering is at the forefront of the response to these well engineering challenges, pioneering and providing technology and design choices and informing complex decisions to mitigate business, safety, environmental and operational issues.

We consider the ‘big picture’ of all disciplines and team functions inherent in every challenging project, balancing considerations of well, casing and completion design and designing and executing techncal studies to achieve an optimal solution for your Advanced Well Engineering needs.

Well Design
The increasing complexity of well architecture, drilling within unstable or harsh well conditions and the requirement to obtain maximum returns from depleted and hard to extract reservoirs are placing greater demands on the Well Design.

ACL Engineering provide expertise in effective Well Design to address issues such as thermal annular pressure build up through the investigation of fluid properties, load control and container flexibility, to achieve safe, effective and economically viable solutions. Engineering solutions are placed within a probabilistic framework where statistical, risk-based analysis of data provides confidence in designs within any wellbore limitation.

Casing Design
ACL Engineering has the industry standard software and in combination with skilled engineers we are able to prepare casing and tubing design for standard and complex HPHT wells. A part of the design is material selection to be used, which is particuarly important when considering long lead items. The analysis includes wellhead growth, temparature modelling effects, multi string analysis and bBiaxial and triaxial analysis.

Completion Design
ACL Engineering are able to propose and configure various completion methods to obtain the best production profile for challenging well conditions.

Technical Studies
ACL Engineering is involved at the very earliest stages of project feasibility and planning. Our engineers have worked on many technical studies to determine the feasibility of conceptual project options considering well, casing and completion design.


ACL Engineering have experience in a number of challenging environments...

Challenging Conditions
Depleted Reservoir
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