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ACL Engineering boasts a wealth of experience within its management team. This expertise has been gained in many high profile, operational roles throughout the oil and gas industry and in all key global provinces.

  Well Engineering

Bjørn Thore Leidland
Holds B.Sc. in Petroleum engineering. Experience in all aspects of drilling engineering such as time and cost estimates, well design, HPHT casing design, HPHT cementing, dynamic hydraulic simulations and evaluation of reference well data. Follow up of suppliers and contracts. Experience in early phase developments and concept selections.

Alan Holmes
Specialist Well Engineering covering world-wide projects including well planning, tubular/casing design, completions design and well equipment specification. A specialist in conductor & thermal growth, multi-string detail analyses of HPHT wells and HPHT & exploration Wells.

Diverse casing & well engineering projects and investigations undertaken for various hydrocarbon industry company clients; Shell, BP, Enterprise, BG, Talisman, Mobil, Marathon, Kerr McGee, ADCO and PetroCanada. Well engineering of gas storage (SSE) & geothermal wells, (geothermal explorers). Development of well design, basis of design systems, well verification, well healthcheck, WIMS database methods.

John McDowell
Author of the torque and drag program ROAM, the annulus pressure prediction model Baros, multi-string casing design model multi, and kick,tolerance model Ktol.

Casing and well engineering projects and investigations undertaken for various hydrocarbon industry company clients; Shell, BP, Enterprise, BG, Talisman, Mobil, Marathon, Kerr McGee, ADCO, PetroCanada, also gas storage (SSE) and geothermal wells, (Geothermal Explorers).

Equipment design and failure investigations, e.g., collapsed tubulars, uncemented packers, PBR failures, trapped fluid annulus condition analyses and worn tubular capabilities. Multi-string detail analyses of HPHT wells and subsea MLS arrangements, re-engagements, structural interfaces. Conductor and thermal growth problems, well equipment specification. Well design knowledge covering materials, stress analysis; tubulars and accessories, tubular loading, connections, well and completion components, heat transfer, materials.

  Simulations, Modelling and Analysis
Sajjaj Saijdi
Petroleum Engineer with more than one year diversified experience in various disciplines of Petroleum Engineering, Well designing and planning, Dynamic simulations(ECD, Temperature, Kick), Production Operations, Workover Operations, Installation of Early Production Facilities, EOR operations. Advanced user of different petroleum related softwares.

Manage and facilitate training for ACL employees. Report writing for internal and external projects. Hydraulic Simulation (ECD calc. during drilling and cementing operations), Well control Simulation (Dynamic kick simulation), Hydraulic optimization (Surge & Swab analysis, Bit optimization, sensitivity analysis etc.), Torque and Drag Analysis (using Drilling Engineering Toolbox (Chevron) and Frictionmaster (Drillbench).

Mohammad Amir
Drilling engineer running Dynamic simulations using DrillBench PresMod hydraulic ECD and temperature analysis and well control analysis using DrillBench Kick). Hydraulic Simulation ECD calc. during drilling and cementing operations Well control Simulation using dynamic kick simulation, hydraulic optimization such as Surge & Swab analysis, Bit optimization, sensitivity analysis, Torque and Drag Analysis and Frictionmaster (Drillbench).

Experienced as Drilling Optimisation Engineer mainly working in 24 hour coverage operation centre to perform the real time drilling optimisation while analysing the drilling mechanics, drilling dynamics and formation evaluation data. Performing the real-time analysis of the data and advising the directional driller to optimise drilling performance. Preparation of 24 hours operation report, real time logs, EOW logs and memory logs for customer. EOW reports and lesson learned which can be applied in future.

Involved in pre Run Programming of drilling dynamic tool and post run memory dumping of down hole dynamic, pressure/ECD and Logging While Drilling data.


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